Data Collection

OQForms, delivered by Operaquest, makes it easier for you to collect, and act on, the information that’s important in your business

Collect data on the move, log it on a smartphone or tablet app - and cut out clipboards, paperwork, delays.

Automated entry means faster management information and fewer errors.

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Who Can Benefit?


Building managers as the custodians of the building, have a vested interest to ensure their operating costs are kept to a minimum at all times. This view is always supported by the need to operate with overall efficiency. They will be looking at reducing the amount of money that goes towards utilities and maintenance costs of the unit.


The world we live in is obsessed with information, although society is firmly in the 'information age', there is a tendency to collect data from every conceivable source and present it ad nauseum.


We expect to preview the 09-2018 release for 1-2 weeks, with the changes rolling out to all customer branded apps thereafter. The changes below will appear progressively over the next 7 days. As usual, the Windows preview is expected to become available roughly 2 weeks after iOS is released. The new app version number (as seen in the bottom right of the app’s Settings screen) ends in 4.95 for Android & iOS, and ends in 5.55 for Windows, so keep an eye out for app updates!